Officially Repatriated To The USA After 8 Years, I’m More Aware of What It Means to be American

After 8 1/2 years residing in the Middle East and traveling to 40 countries, my wife and I have been officially REPATRIATED to the USA. It has been an incredibly rich, fascinating journey. We have loved nearly every place we have visited or resided, met so many wonderful students, fellow educators, journalists, and friendly people of many different faiths, nationalities, histories, circumstances…

I didn’t really know what it means to be an American, both good and bad until I traveled and lived outside the US. I’m not sure I know even now, as our identity seems up for grabs. But today I am very very grateful to be back in the land of the free and HOME of the brave, safe and sound, and to appreciate our many blessings. This video from an anonymous Youtuber, which previously I would have viewed as corny and cliched, surprisingly leaves me a little tearful.


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