Quintessential American Story of McDonalds “Founder”

For a story about modern America and the world, I highly recommend this movie, available on Netflix: "The Founder," about Ray Kroc, a traveling salesman in the restaurant industry who built the McDonalds' franchise into a multi-billion-dollar business. Kroc, Ronald Reagan and Donald Trump were all inspired by the can-do philosophy of the Rev. Norman... Continue Reading →


Americans Tend to Be Industrious, Doers, But Don’t Take Enough Time for Reflection

"In America, we hurry--which is well; but when the day's work is done, we go on thinking of losses and gains, we plan for the morrow, we even carry our business cares to bed with us...we burn up our energies with these excitements, and either die early or drop into a lean and mean old... Continue Reading →

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