How Singing the National Anthem Became Sports Ritual & History of Right to Protest

Singing the national anthem has traditionally been used as a unifier at sporting events, sending the message that we may root for different teams, but we are all Americans who share a heritage and basic values. With protests of police brutality, and against racial injustice, that may be changing temporarily. Eventually, however, such protests lose... Continue Reading →


Why Can’t Americans View Other Countries and Cultures Clearly?

An eye-opening exploration of how other countries perceive America, review by Ali Wyne, Washington Post: "Growing up in a small New Jersey town, Suzy Hansen remembers that her 'entire experience was domestic, interior, American,' lacking any 'sense of America being [just] one country on a planet of many countries.'” Since 2007, however, her life has... Continue Reading →

States Visited. What Have I Missed?

I have visited 41 US states, if DC is included. What essential have I missed? What are your favorite must-see spots in the U.S., Canada, Mexico, Central or South America? If you were in a conversation with someone who had seen nothing of North, Central or South America, what would you recommend as the “must... Continue Reading →

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